Wholesale Hurley Planks Imported from EURoPE TO IRELAND.


A Planks

€15, £13.30
In stock: 400

B Planks

€13.50, £11.90
In stock: 600

C Planks

€11, £9.75
In stock: 900

D Planks

€8.50, £7.60
In stock: 1500


€1.50, £1.30 per plank, + 2 weeks delivery


Hopefully this covers most of the questions you'll likely have.
  • Where are the planks from?

    It is european ash.

  • Where are the planks stored?

    They are stored in Northern Ireland, not far from Belfast.

  • Is there a minimum Order?

    Our current shipping is approx 135 euro per pallet, anywhere in Ireland. You can get up to 300 planks on a pallet. We're working on getting a cheaper rate for half/qtr pallets. If you would like to collect, there is no minimum order.

  • Is the wood dry?

    The wood as it sits is between 30-40%. Should you require drying we offer this for €1.50 (£1.30) per plank. Please note this increases delivery time by 2 weeks.

  • What are your payment terms?

    Payment is 100% up front.

  • Can I get a discount?

    Our prices are listed above. There are no bulk buying rates, or discounts. You are welcome to collect your pallets, but the per plank price is set as above.

  • Are you VAT ReGISTERED?

    Hurley Planks Ltd is a NI based company, currently not registered for VAT. Sales cross border do not require the addition of VAT.

  • Do you make Hurleys yourself?

    We do not, but have close ties to Hurley Makers throughout the country who are delighted with the quality and reliability of our service.